10th October 2015 by Hugh Obbard Property Insight 0

Supply Demand and Politics

This year has been more or less dominated by the general election which was held back in May. The ramifications of which continue as we head deep in to the second half of the year. In my last comment I reported that there had been no post election bounce in the prime London residential market and with the autumn market well upon us, that hoped for bounce still remains elusive, but there are at least some stirrings afoot. As far as the politics goes, things are far from being boring. The Tories surprise victory has provided much needed stability with cautious optimism for a continued economic recovery. The opposition’s implosion leading to their choosing an old fashioned Trotsky rebel who can’t bring himself to sing the national anthem is simply bewildering. The Liberal democrats, traditionally the third party and previously on an upward trajectory, have only 8 members of parliament or 1.2% of the total. The new third party are the Scottish nationalists whose dream of full independence from the UK is only matched by their desire for ever closer union with Europe. Property however risks being quite dull by comparison and the reasons for this are more due to […]

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