The Obbard Portfolio

The Obbard Portfolio

The Obbard rental portfolio is highly regarded in the rental industry.

High spec, hi tech, bespoke features, beautifully finished, sumptuously furnished and as the saying goes, Location, Location, Location.

We know our market, understand when to spend, where to save, which streets work and which don't - even if they are a stone's throw away. In this way we have built an enviable reputation for a portfolio that hits the market sweet spot and achieves top rental premiums.

Obbard looks to partner with landlords who may have the right property but need our expertise to fully exploit its potential. Not only can we provide the benefit of 25 years building a branded portfolio, but have the design and build team to quickly convert under performing stock into best sellers. There's a great management team who seem to be doing something right as our tenants couldn't be happier.

We offer a free portfolio evaluation so get in touch and let's see if we are a good fit.
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