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Experts in prime London

Overseeing an impressive portfolio of property assets that’s recognised and acclaimed as best-in-class throughout prime London, we ensure the quality of each address, maintain its appeal to tenants – and protect rental premiums.

23 years of managing my property and fewer than 23 days of vacancy! Thank you. – PJ, Hong Kong

Flawless communication and professionalism. One of the best real estate management firms I’ve ever worked with. – JDZ, Switzerland

Obbard are exceptionally creative and efficient in everything they do for me. – IK, UK

Superior asset management

The market rarely stands still. In the 30 years since Obbard was founded, investors have faced many challenging headwinds – but we’re proud to have achieved consistently superior returns for our clients. 

We know where and when to buy or rent out prime London property to best advantage. And we understand how to maximise its potential to fit in with your requirements – whether it’s a buy-to-let, a city-centre base for you or your family, or a long-term investment.

Managing your property means far more to us than simply overseeing lettings and maintenance. Our objective is always to deliver best possible results through long-term partnership. We manage every client’s assets as carefully as if they were our own – taking account of both current and future market conditions, with strategic counsel at every stage.

Dedicated maintenance

Experience has shown us that dedicated, in-house maintenance – supported by easy-to-use technology – is by far the most cost-effective and efficient way to manage faults and repairs.

Taking care of everything ourselves means we’re fully accountable, in control of the process and the quality of the workmanship – providing reassurance to all. Both landlord and tenant can keep track of relevant issues and report faults online, or via the Obbard smartphone app.

We’ve invested in this best-in-market capability to consistently exceed expectations, because we know how much it matters. A fast, reliable, transparent maintenance process that really does the job.


Landlord & Tenant App

Obbard’s proprietary rental technology platform provides instant, efficient interaction.

For landlords, key metrics of all their properties – rental income, outgoings, charges, maintenance and inventory management data – are just a few clicks away.

Residents enjoy access to all calendar events and reminders, documents and correspondence. A rapid reporting function generates immediate maintenance alerts for Obbard’s team.

Responses and actions are then updated in real time, so that everyone can stay informed until each issue is resolved.

Obbard’s ongoing investment in this capability underscores our reputation for hands-on service, transparency and accountability. And we guarantee that whenever personal involvement is needed, a member of the Obbard team will always be available.

It’s why Obbard has consistently been recognised with industry awards for service – and the acclaim of tenants.

What clients and tenants say

I just wrapped up five years in an Obbard-managed property and cannot say enough positive things about the team. JP, London

 Extremely helpful with any type of issue – and most importantly they always react very swiftly. RWS, London 

Seven years as a tenant with Obbard gave me the opportunity to deal with most of their outstanding team. Very professional, immediate response and always friendly. AF, London

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