The process of purchasing property requires the co-ordination of various professional parties, covering conveyancing, raising of finance, foward tax planning and consideration of structural and planning implications. Obbard manages this entire process and once these issues have been resolved, contracts for purchase are exchanged.


  • Design & Consultation
    A complete set of detailed drawings is prepared. In consultation with the surveyor and specialist contractors, a full specification of works is produced together with all layout plans and drawings.

    Design & Consultation

  • Tender Process
    The tender process includes the collation of all prepared, detailed plans and drawings such as lighting, joinery and plumbing. Structural calculations, M&E specifications, supplier terms and subcontractor estimates are also gathered.

    Tender Process

  • Completion of Purchase
    On the date agreed on exchange of contracts, the purchase is completed. At this point, the full design and refurbishment specification will be finalised following consultation with suppliers and subcontractors. All drawings and documentation are then collated into a single tender document and delivered to suppliers.

    Completion of Purchase

  • Revised IA
  • Refurbishment / Development
    The design and property refurbishment or development programme includes; the ongoing project management of works, the periodic valuations, cost control, cash flow analysis, completion, snagging, retentions and sign off. We ensure the property is finished to exacting standards, in keeping with the specification and design criteria.

    Refurbishment / Development

  • Revised IA
    Post Works Evaluation. On completion of works, independent third party opinion is sought to assess the current market value. The lender's valuer may also be invited back to reappraise the property for refinancing.

    Revised IA

  • Refinancing & Equity Release

    Refinancing & Equity Release

  • R.O.I
    At the heart of the property investment strategy lies the client's actual and true return on capital invested. With typical investments being assessed in terms of gross or net yeilds, income or capital growth, we focus on the real returns on client's equity.


  • Improvements
    As tenancies end, this acts as the trigger to undertake any improvements and upgrades. As the value of the property increases, it may be possible to release the profit and either direct those funds back into the property for improvements or to use that capital to pursue other property investment opportunities.


  • Potential Equity Release for Re-Investment
    Each investment is continuously appraised to assess its market position, relative performance and financial status.The annual re-assessment may indicate potential for the investment to be released, perhaps due to market conditions or to allow other opportunities to be pursued.

    Potential Equity Release for Re-Investment

  • Annual Re-assessment of Investment Performance
    As an ongoing investment, Obbard will review the property investment according to a number of criteria and establish whether under prevailing market conditions, it is suitable for ongoing buy to let investment or would be more suited to release for resale.

    Annual Re-assessment of Investment Performance

  • Tenancy Terminations
    Where a tenancy reaches its period and the tenant wishes to leave, Obbard will manage all aspects of the termination including inventory and property assessment processes.

    Tenancy Terminations

  • Tenancy Renewal
    When a tenancy reaches its contracted period, Obbard manages the renewal.

    Tenancy Renewal

  • Ongoing Property Management
    Obbard manages all aspects of the ongoing tenany management, responding to tenant requirements and managing any problems throughout the tenancy. In addition, our concierge service offers tenants added value.

    Ongoing Property Management

  • Revised IA
  • Tenancy commences
    The speed at which a tenancy commences once terms have been agreed is dictated by the meticulous co-ordination of various parties. Consents must usually be obtained from the freeholder and where applicable, the mortgage lender. Often, a tenant will insist on its own agreement format and the landlords solicitor would be involved once Obbard had negotatiated the key elements of that agreement.

    Tenancy commences

  • Letting
    Details are prepared and the lettings marketing commences. A suitable tenant is found and negotations to achieve the best rent and terms are finalised. Depending on our clients' requirements, we may negotiate a long term or short term rental.


  • Obbard Portfolio
    On completion of the property's development, the Obbard  marketing team prepares the terms for letting and liaises with the agents best suited to the property type and location. The Obbard Property Portfolio has a repuation for high rents and low vacancies, resulting in strong yield performance and return on capital. So you sit back and enjoy the rewards.

    Obbard Portfolio

  • Market Intelligence
    Since Obbard handles all key disciplines of property investment process; purchase, development, letting and management, we have considerable market intelligence which is fed into the invesment rationale. This leads to broader understanding of the opportunity for investment that each property represents.

    Market Intelligence

    As properties are considered for development, an internal viability study is undertaken to assess the investment potential of the property. This leads to a recommendation to the client to purchase, wherafter, negotiations are started and terms agreed.


    Obbard constantly asseses and reassesses the financial status of the properties it works with. This is recorded in an Investment Appraisal (IA) which includes projected costs and profits as well as the immediate value.


  • BUY
  • LET
  • LIVE
    Our expertise in property development means that for some clients, we simply create their ideal luxury home in London, either as a primary residence or to be used when they visit London. Working with our clients and talented designers, we create beautiful homes.


  • SELL
    Some properties are bought for both long term yield and capital growth whereas some properties are bought for development and immediate resale. 



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Obbard has developed a unique property investment strategy which combines over 20 years experience with ongoing market intelligence to provide clients with a single point of contact to exploit property investment and development opportunities in London.

What is for most a complex and daunting task is handled seamlessly by the Obbard team. The interactive model above gives you an insight into the myriad steps managed by Obbard. To find out more, please click on the various steps.


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