At Obbard we place great importance on building long-term relationships with our clients, which range from private investors to institutions. We treat each client as an individual, whether we are working with a private client seeking a one bedroom flat in Kensington through to, for example, the first resale of a three bedroom flat in the luxury development One Hyde Park at £17 million. For institutional and family office investors, we have advised on residential acquisitions up to a single value of £180 million.
Some of our clients are foreign investors wishing to diversify their investments to prime London property; others are UK based, building up a buy-to-let portfolio. We have clients investing in London property for their own needs and overseas clients requiring apartments for their children who are being educated in London. 
Our clients are based worldwide. In 2012, for example, we advised clients from all corners of the earth - India, Russia, Italy, South Africa, Qatar, Jordan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, USA, Canada, Ireland, Australia and the United Kingdom.  Obbard also has many clients who continue to invest with us on a regular basis.


Obbard is grateful to the following clients for their comments:
“Onslow Gardens couldn’t have worked out better. Let’s get on and do the next one.” DH, Germany
“Far too often the professionalism one expects is sadly lacking. Your team surpassed my expectations.” BA, United Kingdom
“After five years we regret having to leave Cadogan Gardens. Rest assured that we will be calling you immediately upon our return to London. Many thanks indeed.” GI, France
“I thought I could do this myself. How stupid! Many thanks for your excellent advice.” TM, USA
“The most profitable half hour I have experienced was my first meeting with you. The returns that you have achieved for us are outstanding.” JM, Hong Kong


Relocation agents must be seen to be acting for their clients and therefore they cannot give endorsements, these however are genuine utterances that we have received reguarly.

'We love showing your properties'

'Your company never fails to impress'

'Do you have any of your properties available by any chance'

'You seem to know exactly what our clients want'

'Thank goodness someone who provides sufficient storage and proper appliances'

And finally the requests that are greeted with a resounding 'no'!

'Could you let me have your builders' details?'
'Can we engage your designers on my house?'


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